Huaqiang Getsmart Technology (zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
Huaqiang Getsmart Technology (zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
Huaqiang Getsmart Technology (zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
Guangdong, China

Social media NFC phone tag is the most modern way of sharing social media and contact profiles

Hello, we are specializing in production of all type NFC and RFID items, such as smart rfid stickers, NFC Cards(NTAG213, 215, and NTAG216), NTAG424 DNA stickers, clothes nfc tag, NFC keychain, epoxy nfc tag, NFC Table stand, NFC table menu, NFC Keyfobs, Custom NFC key card, NFC hang tags, LED nfc tags, matte black NFC cards, NFC disc tags,NFC disc tags, wood nfc tags,NFC anti-metal tag, window shop nfc stickers, social media phone NFC tags, NFC wristbands, NFC finger ring holder, NFC pop socket tag, NFC stand .... Especially social media phone nfc tags, matte black NFC card, NFC stand are selling very well on the market.
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Iron on Fabric nfc labels for clothing, hats, bags, shoes, Shirts....

Welcome customized shape, size, logo and NFC URL programming

RFID security cable tie tag is the most easy way to tagging your asset. We have different models availables for all types of working applications.

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Knowledge Center NFC is too short to meet your reading distance requirement? See this NFC antenna extenders
NFC is getting more and more used in today's life; However since NFC is near field communication, In many applications that use NFC it is not always convenient to tap against a built-in NFC antenna, especially where the antenna is on the back of a tablet or smartphone. Many consumers are annoyed by this too short reading distance, some even needs to touch, or hardly to find the touch point. We provide solutions that enhance the usability of NFC in a number of different application areas. For example, some clients have wanted to expand the active area of a commercial USB NFC unit, whilst others want to make the "tap" point more accessible. Get in touch with us to discuss your application and see if we can help