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Huaqiang Getsmart Technology (zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
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RFID Wristband/Bracelet
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US $1.0 - 2.0/piece
100 pieces(Min. Order)
US $0.61 - 0.69/piece
1000 pieces(Min. Order)
US $0.75 - 0.95/piece
500 pieces(Min. Order)
US $0.75 - 1.5/piece
500.0 pieces(Min. Order)
US $0.38 - 2.0/piece
1000.0 pieces(Min. Order)
US $2.5 - 3.0/piece
100 pieces(Min. Order)
Knowledge Center Mini RFID Tags for inserting into small objects
FPC Mini Small NFC Tags are designed for applications that you need very small nfc tags.

Top-Ranking Products

RFID Electronic Vehicle ID Tags is a perfect RFID tags solution for vehicle ID tracking.

It has a RFID chip embedded inside of a very thin layer of paper tags. It is a hidden chip which is not easily been seen from outisde.

Good idea for vehicle ID tracking