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New Products Very small RFID Tags for special RFID application
These are Very Very small RFID Tags for special RFID application
Knowledge Center Blank White ISO IEC 14443A MF3ICD42 EV2 4K Smart Card With Hico Magnetic strip
Blank White ISO IEC 14443A MF3ICD42 EV2 4K Smart Card With Hico Magnetic strip is an advanced smart card with 4KB memory and higher security level
RecommendationsSmall NFC Cable Tie Tags
Wondering to use Small NFC Cable Tie Tags, see here
NFC Antenna Extenders NFC is getting more and more used in today's life; However since NFC is near field communication, In many applications that use NFC it is not always convenient to tap against a built-in NFC antenna, especially where the antenna is on the back of a tablet or smartphone. Many consumers are annoyed by this too short reading distance, some even needs to touch, or hardly to find the touch point. We provide solutions that enhance the usability of NFC in a number of different application areas. For example, some clients have wanted to expand the active area of a commercial USB NFC unit, whilst others want to make the "tap" point more accessible. Get in touch with us to discuss your application and see if we can help
New Products 38mm Round Self adhesive ISO14443A Typ 4 MF3ICD41 EV1 4KB RFID NFC Stickers
Hard to find a sticker type of larger memory NFC stickers? Check here: 38mm Round Self adhesive ISO14443A Typ 4 MF3ICD41 EV1 4KB RFID NFC Stickers
Quick search RFID Tags with LED and sound
There is always a situation: Worry about find something to hard? Especially when something is in a mess. Use Quick search RFID Tags with LED and sound can help to solve all your questions. Quick search RFID Tags with LED and sound is based on the 860mhz~960mhz working frequency of passive RFID tags, but added a sound and light. Thus it can be used in the application which could find the items exactly where it is. It can used on a lot different applications for Quick Search, such as warehouse inventory of the object positioning, clothing cap find positioning, book finding, locating, file locating, barrels locating...etc We can provide the full sets application, including rfid tags, readers, and a free quick search App. contact us for more information GSC4001 UHF RFID Tag is passive RFID tag with sound and light based on frequency860MHz~960MHz. It adds the function of sound and light warning. It helps to look for the item quickly during the item administration, suitable for application of looking and positioning of items, clothes and hat, books, archives etc.
Knowledge Center HOW DOES NFC WORK?
HOW DOES NFC WORK? At its core, all NFC is doing is identifying us, and our bank account, to a computer. The technology is simple. It's a short-range, low power wireless link evolved from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tech that can transfer small amounts of data between two devices held a few centimeters from each other. Unlike Bluetooth, no pairing code is needed, and because it's very low power, no battery in the device being read. By tapping your phone on a contactless payment terminal in a shop, train station or coffee shop is able to identify your account (and even your personal preferences, shopping habits and even your most frequently travelled route home) and takes payment through an app on your phone. Passive NFC 'tags' on posters, in shops and on trains could contain a web address, a discount voucher, a map or a bus timetable that passers-by could touch their phones on to receive – or to instantly pay for absolutely anything. "The SIM card in your mobile phone is a smart card identifying your account to the network," says John Elliott, Head of Public Sector at Consult Hyperion, who's worked on the Oyster Card. "On NFC phones, the SIM is being extended to act as the Secure Element that can hold other apps such as payment cards."
Knowledge Center WHAT IS NTAG413 DNA?
The new NTAG 413 DNA chip adds cryptographic authentication using what NXP are calling ‘Secure Unique NFC’ or SUN. This generates a secure one-time authentication code each time the NFC tag is tapped. blob.png This is an important feature. Most secure NFC operations at this point required the mobile phone to have a pre-installed App for authentication. The App, typically on an Android phone, would access either a password protected, encrypted area or a secure area of the chip and use this information to confirm that the tag was indeed what it claimed to be. By using a unique generated code each time the tag is tapped the NFC chip can include this dynamically into a URL (web address) on the tag. Therefore, the NFC authentication can happen over a standard web connection removing the requirement for a pre-installed App. Perhaps the easiest way to understand this process is that it’s similar to one of those bank key cards that generate a new number each time you log in. To an extent, this isn’t new – chip manufacturer HID have had their Trusted Tag NFC product for some time. However, NXP appear to have built the framework for this around their popular, high performance and easy to use NTAG product. This is likely to allow faster market penetration and easier access to the inlay tags themselves.